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Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas

We had so much fun trying to come up with a fun pregnancy/gender announcement.  I wanted something unique, but something that totally fit our family personality.

This is what we came up with…



I giant thanks to one of my BFF’s, Bridgette from  Bridgette Marie Photography for pulling this one off in under and hour.  Oh and she also had to deal with my husband who kept sitting on the…

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Why I’m not sharing the baby’s name and why I waited to announce our pregnancy.

When most people find out they’re pregnant they want to scream it from the mountain tops.  Just this past weekend I had a hairstylist chat me up about my upcoming due date.

Hairstylist – When are you due?

Me – 3 very long weeks from now.

Hairstylist – Oh, yes I know that feeling.

Me – Oh?  Do you have kids?

Hairstylist – No but I got pregnant last night and I’m feeling bloated, retaining water,…

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36 weeks pregnant and I still need to be seen in public

I have officially hit that point in my pregnancy where I just want to hide from the world.  I’m uncomfortable, big, sore, and plain old bloated.  The last thing I want to do is try to find something that looks presentable.  That is just not an option though.  I have a commitment pretty much every weekend between now and when this baby comes. As much as I don’t want to leave the house, I kinda…

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Week 3 Journaling Prompt for Girls – Feeling left out

Being a girl is hard! Especially when we’re young and learning how to develop, keep and nurture friendships.  As girls, we easily get our feelings hurt by friends, even though most of the time it’s unintentional.

For young girls finding and new friend on their own can be so exciting that they tend to throw their whole heart into that friendship. Then one day they head to the playground to find…

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Organizing your life with the Petunia Beginnings Baby Book

How many times have you shown up for an appointment at the pediatrician office only to realize that you don’t have your child’s immunization card.  How about not having your insurance card or any number of items you might need for your child.

There is a whole list of places that I’ve needed paperwork for the kids and didn’t have it.  Another list of times that I’ve torn this house apart trying to…

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4 Week Countdown to Baby. The To Do List.

I can’t believe that Baby Girl Seid is going to be here in 4 short weeks!  Yes I am totally freaking out, which means it’s time to bust out the list of all baby list.  The prepping for baby checklist.  I’ve done this a couple other times, so I already know  what’s on my countdown to do list.

baby to do list

4 Weeks Before

  • Make sure the car always has gas!
  • Pack the overnight bag
  • Buy post baby belly band – I like…

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Week 2 – Journaling Prompt for Young Kids

Welcome back for week 2!  How did week 1 go?  Did it give you any insight into what your child is thinking?

I learned that though Ellie can be really in touch with some of her feelings, she still has very simple thoughts as well.  For example, one of the things she liked about  herself was that she likes the color pink.

Let’s talk friendship this week.  One of the hardest things for any kid to…

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If I had to do a baby registry all over again…

The first time I created a baby registry, I had no idea where to begin.  I put the most ridiculous things on there – like toys that Ellie wouldn’t use for years.  I missed putting blankets, wipes, bottles and pretty much all of the important everyday items on there.  Toddler toys are cute, but they won’t clean an infant’s bottom at 2:30 in the morning.  Ok, maybe it could and I may have been…

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Journaling Prompt for Elementary and Tween Girls

Seven has been a hard age not only for Mommy and Daddy, but for Ellie too.  What was cute, funny and endearing at 5 can be annoying and inappropriate at 7.  Let’s face it, kids hit a certain age and the baby cuteness wears off.  It can be hard for a 7 year old to understand what she did 2 years ago is not longer cute, but is now annoying.

Even harder is learning to socialize with other kids their…

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Do It Yourself Bridal or Baby Shower Wishing Tree

I hosted a bridal shower this past weekend for a dear friend.  You may have read about my hangover here.  I’ve been wanting to share with you the super cute wishing tree I made for the party.

The wishing tree is a Dutch wedding custom used instead of a guest book at the reception table.   Each guest fills out a tree tag with one wish they have for the couple.

I thought this was such a sweet…

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